About Us

Designer/makers Eveline Droge & Alex Mayer began working together as Bantam Knits in 2008, both have Art College backgrounds.

Eveline Droge originates from Oisterwijk in Holland but has lived in London for half of her life. She has memories from her childhood of jumping into bales of freshly washed lambswool, at her father’s wool washing factory and the fact that her father’s clothes smelled of lanolin when he came home.

Alex Mayer also has textiles in her blood as her father’s family, although English, built a textile mill in St Petersburg, Russia almost 200 years ago and lived there for 3 generations until the 1918 revolution. In fact her grandfather hid in a woodpile for 2 days before bribing a train driver to take him to Murmansk where he boarded a British naval ship bound for England.

Bantam Knits’ logo is a drawing of Helga, the ginger feathered bantam.